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Thank you for taking time to explore my website.  My name is Kathleen Bowman and I am trained in several modalities to facilitate bringing individuals to the wholeness of being, which allows the essence of self to manifest fully.   

While I am based in Colorado, Technology allows me to serve throughout the world.   Primary in all my work is the desire to assist others in the discovery of what the soul is seeking to manifest.  This is done through Shamanic journey and  Shamanic Healing modalities.   The ancient art of Shamanism is potent in finding the source of all illness and destructive behaviors. 


Sound Healing, as a part of the Shamanic tradition is also used to altar frequencies and assist the body in returning to Homeostasis. There is a vast resource of scientific data to show us that sound changes HRV (Heart Rate Variability), and therefore states of consciousness. Sound, can therefore induct the natural healing process, that which your body already knows.  Through sound (drums, voice, singing bowls, rattles, harp and flute) one can allow the body to find itís own resonate healing frequency patterns. 


As we determine more closely what the soul is seeking to manifest, we can begin the process of Transpersonal Life Coaching, to assist the alignment of Ego, Soul and Action. I offer a way of coaching all aspects of self, to bring every part of your life into alignment with the souls unfolding.  Peace and harmony in the wholeness of Self. 


To assist the entire process we can also engage Transpersonal Hypnotherapy.  Through this modality we can address habitual ways of being, thinking and responding in life.  Bypassing the conscious mind, and going directly to the source of what underlies most habitual, destructive and limiting behavior patterns, we can begin the journey to wholeness.  The problem with the unconscious is that it IS unconscious.  As a Hypnotherapist I have discovered some direct ways to bring into consciousness material that can change behavior.   In my practice it is always the intention to bring one to a wholeness of being which allows for harmony, love, peace and contribution at the highest levels.   The modalities are simply tools to access the pathways to the full blossoming of your soul. 


Enjoy your journey through this site, and through your life.  If I can be of service, please feel free to contact me. 



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