Really enjoying the mixture of Bean Sprouts. Tryiny to sprout some grain, will know by tomorrow night if it's going to work. Pro-Vita sprouts are good mixed with the bean sprouts. I don't like them alone in saladsalone as the radish is too over powering, and with beans it tones them to the correct flavor for my taste. No luck so far with Chia seeds as I've wasted two batches. Enjoying the raw beets(especially the orange ones). The yams are yummy raw in salads. I enjoy using sunflowers seeds especialaly in my dreamy sour cream, it makes a nice spread( can be thick or thin), has a nice bite for flavor.

I set up a foutain in my home where the water runs from a Bamboo Spourt and Oh so pleasant.
I purchased a Magentic Sleep Mask and Has my sleep improved because I am in total darkness. I can even wake up before the Alarm goes off sometimes.
I'm also not having to take all those Salt Baths due to the drop in odor, toxic emotions, and pain/inflamation.
Looking forward to buying a water filter in the future as I haul water( related to rinsing my sprouts ETC) and getting plenty of exercise. I then save the water from rinsing my sprouts to water all my beautiful plants and so much nitrition, and especially my fresh basil plants. It's really great as the Doctor said I would not be able to carry heavy water bottles again, and I am doing it fine.
Something new I have experienced over the past weeks: if I am pushed at work or pressured I can not eat. My body will not accept food. Historically I ate no matter how emotional, angry, or stressed. Would binge or mindlesssly eat. Oh what a big and wonderful change.
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