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Running Raving Raw!
It's been almost 2 months now being raw... and quite a surprise to me how wild this ride has been so far. Detox was rough at times...then things kicked into gear. Everything in life has changed. I feel so deeply connected to spirit. My crown Chakra seems to buzz often. really. I read that when eating this way, we vibrate at a higher frequency and perhaps that is true. Just went to the Dr for my annual physical yesterday and the PA said, do you realize you lost 23lbs since you were here last? Then I told her about some of the changes. Sprouting everything from chick peas to lentils to mung beans to oats and wheat berries...Good Bye sugar, Diet Pepsi, Sweet n Low and coffee. Only herb based Teechino and a dash of cinnamon, with 65 mg of potassium instead for me! No more processed foods, nothing even remotely unhealthy...Kombucha anyone? LOVE IT! I am a Goji berry eating flax machine, dehydrating everything from, Carrot Pecan Burgers to banana crepes to flax crackers and hot and spicy sweet potato chips and fruit rolls...The food processor is a new friend. Who am I? My hair even went blonde! I no longer have heart burn or smoke either, and the knee dropping awful menstrual cramps have gone. GONE! and didn't need any of the Dr's drugs any more. She said if everyone did what I was doing she might be out of business. And, she questioned my health too, like, perhaps I needed a big red steak and was anemic! She wonders where I am getting my protein from. We both look forward to the results of my blood work next week. OK, I am about to get graphic AND TMI personal ~for the weak at heart please move on...Since I am pushing 50, she had to do the finger up the 'you know what' and said, did you just have a colonic? Why, I asked? Cause there was nothing in there!...hope I wasn't too graphic...but, see, she also said, "no free radicals!" Honestly, if I were to write a book about the last 2 months, it might be called "Full of $%IT" cause, man, where did all that crap come from? Pun intended!
So, I feel great, skin looks amazing...and uh, dare I say, I feel sexy too? YES I DO!

I tried to post pics of some creations being shared and prepared in the Orlando kitchen...but couldn't...oh well, maybe next time...

Kathleen my co synergistic facilitator, Thank You and I LOVE YOU! Cherise
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Grassshopper...so good Big Grin
You make my heart sing, and since we're both at a new frequency I wonder what key we will sing in...I think it would be fun to explore that one together. Cherise isn't telling you she has the voice of a nightengale.
Truly, my heart sings with joy in watching you, being with you thorough the first stages of this when you were clearing out your pantry and a few moments of tears and shock as you took those first courageous steps into the change. Joy, and even yes, I'll admit a little pride in being a part of such a beautiful dramatic change.
No more toxic food, no more toxic emotions and a clear vessel of divinity manifested....You go my sister friend and yes, synergistic co-facilitator....
What Cherise isn't telling here is that she has offered herself into a loving service to others as she prepares food for friends and sends it with them so they too can experience what she is. Friends that are seriously ill, she sprouts, dehydrates and prepares ceral, salads and all kinds of food and sends it with them so they too can heal. She shares and serves this love up genereously to others she touches.....A light in a darkened world.
And since I want to see the pictures, let's go through this step by step, I know what a picture buff you are and it would be fun to have them here on the forum.
I can't wait to hear the results from the tests!!! Eeker
I love you too sister...keep on going forward and never look back from here!
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