For too long now we have not shared our wisdom.


For too long now we have stood alone.


The time is now.


Time to join the ancient circles


I have heard the call of the grandmothers.  Mothers. Sisters. Daughters and I stand ready to build the bridges that we need in this time of deep concern about our planet, our families, our health, our lives.  Seeking now women who are ready to stand with me and carry our work into the next stagings of our evolution. Women throughout the ages have come together to find and bring forth the wisdom that lies deep in our bones.    Let us come together again and build great bridges, Bridges that will carry us over the thresholds of our lives and the life of our planet. 

Wisdom Bridges will coalesce as a group of women coming together to hear the wisdom of the Grandmothers, to explore the wisdom of the Mothers and to offer the new challenges of the daughters and sisters.  As citizens of a changing world and as sisters eager to touch that deep wisdom we know somewhere in our bones.  Let us come together and share what life has offered up as a sacrament.  Each participant will have the opportunity to share what life has offered both as challenges and as gifts.  Each will come away with a renewed respect for their own intuition and new perspectives on how to proceed in these great times with practical steps to take that prepare us to be an  “affect” of our times and ritually shedding the experience of being an “effect” of our circumstance.

Through ritual, sound, and movement we will discover what it is to be Feminine, today.  Join our circle and add your voice to the New Emerging Feminine that will be the architect of the future. 


Gathering on the First Tuesday of each month in 2008 (with the exception of Jan 8, September 9, and November 11, 2008).  Each gathering is $25 or the discounted price of $250 for the year.  This includes participation on the Forum under Wisdom Bridges, which is exclusive to those participating in the circle.  There is a Wisdom Bridges Two for those out of the area who want to join their voices into the gathering.  This is a one-time $25 charge and you will be set up with permission to Participate on Wisdom Bridges Two, which is interactive with the local group. 




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