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Why eat Raw/Living Food? 

By Chef Kathleen

The Raw Food world is expanding rapidly and what is it all about?

Enzymes, yes, those funny little things you studied in Chemistry.  The building blocks that account for your energy and your health.  According to medical research complied by the pioneering enzymologist, Dr. Edward Howell, shortages of enzymes are commonly seen in a number of chronic illnesses such as allergies, skin disorders, obesity and heart disease, as well as in aging and certain types of cancer.  The truth is, that as research continues along these lines, it is becoming known that more and more illness and dis-ease is related to nutrition or more precisely ‘the lack thereof”.  It occurs to me as I watch the Standard American Diet (SAD) and lifestyle, that obesity is simply a result of starving to death, and is reaching epidemic proportions in our world.  While I am more than just what I eat, what I eat does play a foundational piece of who I am and who you are.

Each of us is given a limited supply of bodily (metabolic) enzymes at birth.  This supply must last our lifetime and a shortening of the supply, shortens the lifetime, and causes illness and loss of vitality.

Cooking food at a temperature of 112 degrees or higher kills the enzymes, therefore causing you to use your “limited supply” of metabolic enzymes to digest cooked food that is now without it’s own enzymes.

The research and science of this is sound and simply good sense and more and more information is available all the time.  You have heard all your life ‘eat your vegetables . . . well, you must.  And since we all get tired of salads and juiced veggies, what else is available?  Would you believe a Calzone, Enchiladas, Sweet Potatoes Pie?  The list goes on as to what delicious and nutritious food you can enjoy while not only keeping your metabolic enzyme account high, but you can also actually add to it with the food you eat.  These enzymes are the ones that will build, cleanse and heal your body.  And all while you’re enjoying delicious meals that will bring you back for more . . . join me for some walnut pate’ along with knowledge that will keep you vital and looking younger and feeling better than you have in years.

Whether you are ready for a complete change or just ready to “dip your toe in the water”, join me for fun, food and a wealth of health . . .


Learn the basics of Raw/Living Food Preparation.

What is a Living Food diet?


How to:

  • Prepare delicious gourmet raw food meals, simply and easily
  • Shop for raw food
  • Stock your kitchen and set up your environment
  • Kitchen equipment use
  • Make continued healthy choices
  • Fun, delicious food, and an array of healthy choices
  • Healing yourself with your food choices


  • Preparing elegant gourmet meals
  • Sprouting and dehydrating techniques
  • How to encourage and help yourself/others stay raw
  • Dealing with daily raw food living, environment, friends, family and traveling while raw.
  • Dining at restaurants while raw.
  • Emotional and physical dynamics of eating raw.
  • Lifestyle of staying raw and being healthy.
  • How to deal with the confrontation you are for others in your lifestyle.
  • Delicious food and in depth look at getting and staying healthy.
  • All your raw food questions answered/or researched.
  • Becoming your own expert.


Level One classes are one full day from 10:00 A.M. until 5:00 P.M. for $125.

Level Two classes are two days of in-depth training and certification for $325.

Written material, recipes and all the delicious raw food you could eat is included.

Register early as classes are limited to 10 people and fill rapidly.

Call Kathleen Bowman cCHT at (303) 973-3177 or email kat@usermail.com to register for Raw Living Food Preparation.


Certification is through Alissa Cohen and Living on Live Food.




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