Essential Oils

Connecting to the energies of the body and soul, we will explore areas of discomfort. Pain and discomfort are a signal of blocked energy, we will listen to the language and dynamics of your body to find the most effective way to allow your body to move energy. Using touch (which is one of the most powerful healing properties available), Reiki and therapeutic oils to balance, release and open the energy channels of your body. Allowing more vitality, release of toxins and freeing your energy for healing.

RAINDROP THERAPY (RT): is a powerful non-invasive tool for correcting defects of the spine. During the years it has been practiced it has eliminated the need for back surgery for thousands of patients. It is also very effective for many discomforts not spine related.

AURICULAR TECHNIQUE: using therapeutic essential oils on the Vita Flex points of the spine, ears or feet, many physical conditions can be relieved and opened to promote healing.

EMOTIONAL RELEASE: using oil in the Auricular technique. Oils and touch on the ears that correspond to organs in the body. Freeing emotional pain stored in the cells of your body. Opening for new vital energy flow and emotional healing.

Note: There is a distinct difference between “over the counter oils” and therapeutic grade oils. When seeking cellular healing be sure a therapeutic grade is being used.




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