Kathleen Bowman, c.c.H.T., is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Through the process of deep mental and physical relaxation Kathleen will enable you to communicate directly with your sub-conscious mind.  You will pass beyond your conscious mind to explore disruptive issues in your life.

Stress management, behavioral changes, and increased self-confidence in your ability to manage your life are by-products of the process.  Through Hypnotherapy you can uncover the roots of the issues that continue to prevent you from living in full expression of your Self.

Hypnotherapy is a fast, revitalizing, and completely safe way to explore your blocks and stop them from controlling your life.  Contrary to popular belief regarding Hypnosis…you are ALWAYS AWARE and you are ALWAYS in charge of the process.  In fact, Kathleen's intention is to bring you to a deeper and clearer awareness of your own process which keeps you in charge not only during therapy but also in your life.


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