HolosVital' Intensive

Beyond teaching, beyond learning…. Entering Deep Healing


“We heal by coming into contact with an unwavering loyalty and trust in our own soul”

We heal by listening to our own soul's authority.

We heal by deciding to heal and addressing all the toxins we partake in daily.


We heal by STOPPING the entry of poison and replacing that with nourishment.  What is it to spend 10 days nourishing your mind, your body, and your soul?


We begin by taking a step that serves our own deepest knowing WE BEGIN, by taking action that will have the best possible outcome for the truth of our soul.  The quickening you feel will tell you the truth of what is right for you, service to your highest good.


This is a radical change and will require your clarity that you want to heal.  There is a reason this is referred to as in Intensive, this is not for those who are still on the fence about their desire to Heal, to Be Whole and to step into the future they have dreamed.


A key to this transformation process is nourishment.  How do you nourish your body?  Does it in any way resemble the way you were nourished as a child, or compensated for nourishment as a child?  When you look at (your story), of your childhood nourishing what is available as resource and what is missing as a Hole in the fabric of your capacity to nourish yourself?  Can you see the relationship between the foods you eat?  The reasons you eat and how connected you are with your body to the relationship with your family of origin which by now has filtered down and become a part of your family at present.


It is not a difficult path to trace when we begin to de-toxify the body.  The pains and discomforts that show up are deeply related to the discomforts of your childhood/your victim and your addiction to the “identification” with what is keeping the process in place.  Here the support of Dreams, Shadow Work, Projection identification and the deep discovery of how you relate to life/death and the pursuit of YOU, all enhanced by group support!


Time now to go back to those sources and HEAL them.  So that you are free from the emotional and physical toxins that keep you from that blissful place where you truly “can”.  Listen to the authority of your own soul and offer YOUR soul unwavering loyalty and trust”.


Take action, become the voice you want to hear.  The voice that keeps its word to you, your own trustworthy voice.


Call Kathleen Bowman cCHT at (303) 973-3177 or email kat@usermail.com to register for HolosVital’ Intensive.


This is a bi-annual gathering for those who wish to do a complete detoxification of emotions, body, spirit and soul.  A residential program that will be closely monitored and deeply altering.  You will leave an entirely different person than you were when you came.


All food will be raw and you will learn exact ways to continue daily in a raw food life style.  And how to prepare some of the delicious food you will be enjoying during your cleanse.  The day will consist of Movement, Sound, Intensives (Healing particularly related to need).  We will engage Group exploration of Shadow, Ego, Pattern and Projection (Jungian depth psychology).  Each day will begin with Heart Centered Meditations, Guided Meditations and Group Transpersonal Hypnotherapy.  The class size will be limited to 12 people.  So reserve your place as soon as possible.  The investment you will be making in yourself is $4,000 (including food, room, and group work).  Individual sessions are not included in this, yet are available.


The location and further information will be provided upon registration and a non-refundable deposit of $1,800.



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