Heart to Heart

Heart to Heart, facilitated by Tom and Kathleen Bowman.

Believing in the need for a model of partnering that goes beyond the young Romantic Imago, Tom and Kathleen will share their experience of 30 years and a wealth of “opportunities to grow” in their relationship. We have no model in our culture for a relationship that has gone beyond the staging of the “movie reel, romantic, they lived happily ever after” version. And to establish a deeper partnering paradigm we must hear from those who have moved past that into a staging that requires different tools and a deeper relatedness.


This will be a gathering for anyone seeking a more grounded understanding and tools for navigating their own relationship.  One does not have to be in a committed relationship at this time to desire a deeper, fuller and more practical understanding of what one is up against in such a mystery.  Join us to explore this most desirable and yet most mysterious dance.


We will gather for two full days to explore through constellation work, dreams, sound, group exercises and sharing the dynamics of partnering.  The investment will be $450.  There is limited space available, please reserve early.

Call Kathleen Bowman cCHT at (303) 973-3177 or email kat@usermail.com to register for Heart to Heart.


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