Kathleen Bowman c.c.H.T.

Kathleen Bowman, cCHT, Energetic Healer, Ordained Clergy, Raw Food Chef/Teacher, Sound Healer, Bio-Energetic Diagnostician.

Seeing and hearing what others did not, as a child, created an isolated childhood. This drove Kathleen deeper into the world of psychic energies.  It was inevitable that time and life experience would lead to the Healing Arts.  And the practice of Psychic Healing.

Studying for 15 years with Maria Elena Cairo in the mysteries of the Feminine Healing Arts and 10 years with Dr. Brugh Joy in the anchoring of the Heart Center and Depth Psychology.

Journeying throughout the world to explore indigenous healing modalities took Kathleen first to Bali to study with a yogi while swimming in sacred waters and studying in Ancient Balinese temples.  The time was ripe to spend six years in the forest of the Yucatan with the Shamans of the area.  The work of Medica Naturista Don Jorge Gomez was life altering and is still a primary part of her healing practice.  Once during a particularly meaningful visit with Don Jorge he told those of us who had been seriously studying his work “I am in you now and you can never change that”  It is SO!

It was during this time also that Kathleen completed the necessary courses to become certified in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy.  Which is also a foundational piece of her private and group practice.

As time went on a greatly deepened connection with forces known as paranormal, brought on by a deep personal loss lead Kathleen to fulfill a desire to more fully minister to the needs of our human experience and so courses were completed to become an ordained minister.

With a 3-1/2 octave range voice and an innate knowing of the potency of intentional frequencies, Kathleen went on to become certified in Sound Healing with Tom Kenyon, founder of the Acoustic Brain Research Center.  Currently studying Harp, Flute and Guitar, which will be used to expand the Sound Healing now done with voice and crystal bowls.

A deep awareness of Bio-Energetic Fields lead to a course in Bio-Field Diagnostics and the need to have the most up to date equipment to work with Bio-Field energetics.  With tools available to diagnose what is functioning in the Bio-Field.

Movement in the form of Qigong, Yoga, and trance dance all augment the healing modalities available to Kathleen.

With all of this in place, still a piece missing was evidenced by a nerve inflammation in her feet, which set Kathleen on yet another quest for deeper healing.  Which lead to Raw Food and the properties of food for healing.  This has resulted in the current Certification as a Chef and Raw Foods Teacher.  And a healing of all nerve inflammation and strong health as a result of two years eating raw foods.  Also learning the most delicious recipes to heal one’s body while experiencing the pleasures of eating.

All of this rounds out a complete HolosVital’.  A wholeness of living vitality.

Kathleen now does groups throughout the world and continues to see clients in private practice.

A deep belief in constantly learning something new, be it a musical instrument or a new way to relate to the food in your life.  A new perspective on healing or a altered state of consciousness, whatever that “still small voice” inside calls you to, there is no time like now to expand and grow into all that you came to this planet to be.



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